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We are no longer a kosher certified bakery. There were are lot of reasons why we made this decision, which became effective as of this last Monday. Most were small reasons, but being kosher had been, up to this point, not a problem… just a habit that we dealt with. When we realized that we had one regular kosher customer, it became clear that it was time to end the kosher experiment. It was a quirky experiment, and it’s time had come.

So on Monday, we un-koshered the bakery by grating Parmagiano Reggiano on top of pasta sauce I made at home. (Both were taboo in the past.) Today, Jill had a request to make a Vince Lombardi trophy with the Steelers logo on it for Saturday. We figured the best way to make the football would be to form it out of rice crispy treat. In the past, we’d been unable to make these childhood treats because of the marshmallows, which are technically a ‘meat’ product because of the gelatin used to make them. (Which got us thinking that we can now make our OWN marshmallows! If you’ve never had homemade marshmallows, you’re in for a treats soon!). And by the way, rice crispy treat works best for the foot ball because we can shape it, it’s light, it holds it’s form well once it solidifies, and because it’s totally edible!

Also today, Jill began working on the dessert we’re making for our Bellview Winery demo on February 11th.  She poached the cranberries that are going to be in the cranberry almond tart (like the one that we do in the bakery, but a bit jazzed up).  She poached them in Bellview’s cranberry wine (not a kosher certified wine), sugar, and a few secret spices.


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Jill and I just attended the first meeting of the soon-to-be community garden at the Carl Arthur center in Vineland. It should be really cool, and we’re looking forward to helping out as much as we can. If you’d like to help out (and believe me, there is plenty to do!), please contact me and I’ll make sure that your assistance is put to good use!!! Thanks!

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Closed this week!

Just another reminder, The Sweet Life Bakery is closed this week for our annual winter holiday. We will reopen on the 27th of this month!

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We will be closed for our winter holiday starting on Sunday the 18th.  We will be closed that week, and will re-open on the 27th.  It should be a nice relaxing week, one that is well deserved from all the hard work we put in after the holiday season.  We are choosing the week that we did because Jill and I will be heading down to D.C. to see the inauguration  of Barack Obama as our 44th president!  It looks to be a crazy time, and at the least, it will be quite interesting and historical.

Upon our return, the crew of The Sweet Life Bakery will be heading up to New York city to look for good food, good times and inspiration for an expanded bakery.  Thanks you all of you, the trip will be funded by the tip jar at the bakery!  Thank you !!!

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My wonderful younger cousin in getting married, and Jill and I have been honored with being asked to make the wedding cake! Besides the fun attending this exciting event, the real fun is that the wedding is in South Carolina. That will mean an eight hour drive delivering a wedding cake. Jill gets stressed enough delivering to Atlantic City, so at a minimum, it will be an interesting experience.

I actually made a wedding cake for a friend who lived in Boston when I was living in San Francisco. I baked the cake on the west coast, flew the cake and required tools with me to the east coast. Did a little shopping at Bread and Circus, and made the entire wedding cake in the bride and grooms wedding. Filled, iced, and decorated…

I’m sure we’ll figure out the proper path!

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