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Thanksgiving week is done (almost). We still have a lot to do for the Holiday parade on Landis Avenue this Saturday, but Thanksgiving is done until next year. We made it! Many many thanks go out to Sara Molinaro, Jill’s mom, and Stephen’s dad for putting in a LOT of hours for free at the bakery. Thanks to Brittany as well for being so enthusiastic about working several 15 or 16 hour shifts in a row. It was crazy busy, but we really had a good time.  We think we did around 163 pies, in addition to several dozen brownies, cupcakes, challah, cakes, cookies, etc… It was awesome, and we are very happy with almost everything. (I say almost, because there are a lot of ways that we could improve.)And lastly, thanks as well to all of our customers for supporting us and inviting our pastries into their home and the homes of their families!


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Sara Molinaro rocks!

I have to say that Sara Molinaro rocks. She and her man, Sam, visited from NYC on Friday. Sara is an old friend of both Stephen and Jill from way back at the Culinary Institute of America. And in San Francisco, Stephen and Sara worked together at the Ritz Carlton.Sara said that she came ready to work, and after we said our hello’s and Sam settled into his makeshift office for the day at the family table, she started rolling pie dough for the following week. She set herself a goal in the beginning of the day (I don’t even know what it was), and she rolled all day. It was great. Of course, while she rolled, we all caught up and had a good time. We even made it to the Greek Festival at St. Anthony’s and had the amazing Greek food they serve there.What’s so great about Sara rolling pie dough is that that was an all day job… and a rather monotonous one at that! Most people don’t realize the amazing amount of work that has to be done before they pick up their pie for Thanksgiving. To make the several hundred pies that we are doing for turkey day, it involves preparing several large batches of pie dough, the rolling of that pie dough (all by hand), the making of enormous recipes of pumpkin pie filling, figuring out how many apples to buy to make 70 apple pies. In addition, we pick the apples up from local farmers which takes longer than getting a box of apples that just traveled from South America of the back of a truck, but it really does taste better. We also have to make sure we have enough pie tins, pies boxes, etc… And then finding space in the refrigerators! So one long task that we don’t have to think about is a very nice treat.So thanks Sara for taking that task off of our hands!!!

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