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Summer Holiday 2008

NYC… spells nick to me.

So we’re back from the trip part of summer holiday 2008. NYC was awesome, we visited a lot of bakeries and ate a lot of desserts. We saw some cool window displays and of course, we saw Ed and Reg… Jill’s aunt and uncle. They rocked The city rocked and we loved it.

Next was the Poconos. We had a good time there, ate some good food, but basically relaxed. We did some hiking, reading, and watched movies at night. It was nice.

So we’re back in Vineland, working this week and some projects, but we’re not open again until next Tuesday. See you then!

There’s pictures in the picture section of our Myspace profile named ‘Summer Holiday 2008.’ Check ’em out if you wish and leave some comment love.


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