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Merry Christmas and happy new year.  We had a good Christmas, it wasn’t quite as busy as we were hoping, but it seems like that’s been a common theme with retailers this season.  We did well though, were busy, and we were much more organized than Thanksgiving.  It helped that we were closed the day before Christmas eve (Sunday), because we all came in, focused on what needed to get done, and we did well.   Now we go on winter holiday!  Jill and I are headed down south, Brittany is going to get some painting and relaxing done.  It’ll be nice and well deserved.  This time of the year is notoriously bad in our business… most people gorge themselves over the Thanksgiving/Christmas month and are fat full of food.  So they create a new years resolution to diet or not eat so much… and quite predictably, most people forget or lose their will power and they come back for their sweet treats.  And as we tell everyone, our pastry is to be eaten in moderation anyway.  Take care of yourself, exercise, eat whole grains and veggies, and you can eat our lovely pastry.  Moderation!!!  Look at Jill and I, for instance.  We do everything I just mentioned above, and we’re a couple of sticks. We will be open New Years Eve (which is a Monday, and we’re usually closed on Monday).  We will then be closed for the first two weeks on January, from the 1st to the 14th.  We reopen on the 15th at 7am.   Thank you everyone for your support and your business.  We’ll talk to you soon, and we hope you have a great time while we’re on vacation! 


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Happy Chanukah!  We’ve been celebrating by preparing jelly doughnuts and sugar cookies for the Jewish Federation here in Vineland.  They’ve placed an order for every day of the eight day celebration, and we’ve been staying busy with them.  The doughnuts have turned out well, and we’ve finally fired up the deep fryer to cook them.  What we’re likely to do, once the new year is here, is to have a doughnut special once a week.  We haven’t decided on what day, but probably Tuesday or Wednesday.  And since the fryer is in use, we’re going to be using it for other fried specials, including cannoli!  For now, doughnuts will be available every day until the end of the Jewish holiday.  

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