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I used to love payday when I was an employee. Now that I’m the boss, the small business owner, the one who cuts the checks and sees the bank account drop 5 grand in one day… it really stresses me out. It stresses me out because that’s a lot of money and it stresses me out because I want to make sure all my kids get their allowance. I’ve never bounced a paycheck and I hope to keep it that way.

Sometimes the money is there, sometimes it’s not… I never really understood cash flow before I owned a business, now I’m keenly aware of it. It’s like the tides… it always comes in and it always recedes. When payday coincides with a high tide, wonderful. But sometimes payday aligns itself with a low tide… maybe the rent check just cleared, maybe the workers comp decided to go through on the same day and then I’m looking at a frighteningly low number in the account.

Ok, so time to do a little shell game… how much cash was in the register last night that I can deposit when the bank opens? How much to I have in the savings account that I can move over (damn, that takes two days though…)? How much money do I have in my checking account that I can lend the bakery until next week with the tide comes back in?

Ugh, I used to love payday…


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